Monday, May 25, 2009

I am not going to come down from the high!

This past thursday, I realized that I am fully capable of doing something for myself. That I am not afraid of life. That my heart and my mind can connect. That I am in control of what I choose to do. I was able to climb the wall at Camp Daggett. From the moment I got there I was focused and I had only one goal. Before Brent began to belay me, he asked how far I wanted to go up and and I told him I wanted to reach the bell on the ceiling and he told me that was all he needed to hear...and so began my climb. It truly was the most amazing high I have ever felt....and I refuse to look back now. That was all I needed to help propel my life, to re-identify with myself. It was for noone else....that was mine. It was bliss and not for one moment did I feel afraid, but rather, I was determined. I am alive and my heart is pounding!

Pink Floyd said it best in the song High Hopes, "There is a hunger still unsatisfied."

Next time and I am going higher!


  1. u r a rock star! Keep it up and you will be putting a flag on a mountain at pictured rocks. la ya

  2. Stacey you rock!!! Awesome that you were able to do this!!! Great job.